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GBI Toronto is a branch of Gereja Bethel Indonesia worldwide with Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Ir.Niko Njotorahardjo.

Rev. DR. Ir. Niko Njotorahardjo began the church in 1985 as one who was called by God in the field of restoration in Praise and Worship.

Pdt. DR. Ir. Niko Njotorahardjo is the first in which God called forth for full time ministry in Praise and Worship in Indonesia.

The Restoration Tabernacle of David is teaching a lot of change and restoration of the churches. During his ministry, he created songs containing love, intimacy, hope and power in the presence of God to be used in Praise and Worship. In the last 10 years he had a vision from God to incorporate Prayer, Praise and Worship (Harp & Bowl) as the spearhead of a successful harvest service.

Pdt. DR. Ir. Niko Njotorahardjo began to open a church in Jakarta at the Multipurpose Building Wisma Karsa Pemuda, Senayan, which was attended by approximately 400 church members.

Since then the church of God under the leadership given by God continue to grow without limit as the vision of Isaiah 54:2-3, even outside Indonesia, such as: United States, Canada,Australia, Europe and Asia.

The number of local churches there are currently 800 churches (including 70 branches overseas). The number of congregations entrusted by God to be coached by shepherds grazing Rayon and team scattered and abroad there are 200,000 community (adults & children).

In grace, build and lead Pdt. DR. Ir. Niko is assisted by 4 (four) Deputy Pastor / coaches, namely: Rev. Danny Tumiwa, SH, Rev. Paul R. Widjaja, Rev. Ir. Djohan Handojo, & Rev. Ir. Arwijanto Tjokro. They each concentrate on five areas of the bureau and 8 (eight) Services Division is divided into 16 (sixteen) Sub-Division Services.

Pdt. DR. Ir. Niko is also assisted by 32 (thirty two) Head Rayon (consisting of the Head of Rayon 8 Jakarta, 20 men Head of Domestic Autonomous Rayon & Rayon 4 the Head of State), 131 Shepherd Branch (including the Shepherd 46 overseas branches) and approximately 5.763 which is a cell group cell church grazing networks.

Because of obedience and sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit, he became a partner for the church in Indonesia and the nations of networking in the Apostolic and Prophetic Movement, as a speaker at the crusade and leadership conference. Having sensitivity to listen to the voice and guidance of the Holy Spirit caused Rev. DR. Ir. Niko Njotorahardjo to be strong in vision and mission to lead the congregation of Workers to achieve God's plan for the harvest of the world.

The "Anointing" that he received from the Lord are always channeled to the Workers and also to the congregation .For other churches, Pdt. DR. Ir. Niko Njotorahardjo to this day has never closed and stopped blessing and distributing the Healing Movement and the Fire of God he has received, thus causing the Lord entrusted the wider ministry.

GBI Toronto itself is under Rayon 50 (West US and CANADA), coordinated by Rev. Paul.R.Widjaja and Pastor Eddy D Gunawan, shepherded by Pastor Ferdy Tjahjadi

All glory to God.

2013: The Year of Restoration to Wholeness

Tahun Pemulihan Seutuhnya